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Buffalo LinkStation Live Review

Buffalo LinkStation Live Review

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I personally think that theĀ Buffalo LinkStation Live looks quite nice as far as NAS drives go which is a bit of a rarity for the lower end models. However like most other basic models, it doesn’t have all of the features you would expect in the more expensive models.

The NAS drive will let you view all of your files from outside your local network through the internet. It also has a nifty feature that means the drive can be turned on and off by a timer so that you can save energy at times the device won’t be used. Don’t forget that the drive will need to be turned on if you want to access your files, even from over the internet!

The Buffalo LinkStation Live comes with 5 user licences of NovaBackup so that you can easily backup your computer. It also lets you store your iTunes library to access it from the computers on your network and can be used with BitTorrent.

One feature that the Buffalo LinkStation Live that doesn’t seem to be too common (maybe more drives do it but don’t advertise it) is that there are apps for the iPhone and Android to allow you to store and access files on the drive stright from your smartphone.

Whilst I do think there are other NAS drives that have more features than this drive for a similar price, I also think that if theĀ Buffalo LinkStation Live has all of the features you’re looking for then it is definitely a drive that is worth considering.